The Lie by C L Taylor

I have to be honest and say that I bought this book for my Kindle last summer with about a hundred others (ok, slight exaggeration) and I’ve only just read it. I’d heard great things about C L Taylor and The Accident (which I’ve now bought) and her third book, The Missing, is released 7th April (but if you’re on Net Galley you can get it from 5pm today – 14th March – for 24 hours).

The story is told in two different time periods. In the present day, Jane Hughes lives a quiet life and works in an animal sanctuary. In fact it’s a dream job for her. She’s also quietly excited but a little apprehensive about her new relationship with Will, a school teacher.

Jump back five years and good friends Emma, Daisy and Leanne are wondering how best to help their friend Al. She’s been dumped by her girlfriend and has started to stalk her ex. The friends decide that a holiday would be best and though Emma & Daisy are happy to go to Ibiza, Leanne has something a little more adventurous and spiritual up her sleeve – Nepal.

Back in the present, Jane receives a note at work saying –

‘I know that your name’s not really Jane Hughes.’

Someone knows that she’s really Emma and why she changed her identity.

I struggled to put this book down. At one point a message appeared on my Kindle warning me that my battery was dangerously low. I willed it to last out for the rest of the chapter at least. There’s great tension in both the present and past stories. Fortunately C L Taylor doesn’t change time periods at the end of each chapter as some authors do but continues the story on for a bit longer. So when the times comes to swap it doesn’t feel like a wrench to change – it feels right.

In the notes at the back, Taylor talks about her own trip to Nepal and it’s clear from her descriptions that she’s been there. She transfers that experience and atmosphere into her writing, giving it authenticity. Thankfully her trip was a lot happier than the friends in the book – their trip is the stuff of nightmares and beyond.

Destinations aside, what’s important with psychological thrillers is pace and tension and The Lie doesn’t disappoint. It was like navigating a spider’s web, being drawn into the middle until you have no option but to face the spider. It kept me reading late into the night.

I would love to tell you more about the story but I don’t like spoilers. So if you want to know what happens, you’ll have to read it yourself! Five stars from me and hugely recommended.

If you want to know more about C L Taylor, you can follow her on Twitter @callytaylor


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