Deep Down Dead by Steph Broadribb


Do you remember reading this a couple of weeks ago on my blog?

On Sal’s cell phone speaker, the ringing stopped. A nasal voice bounced off the kitchen walls. ‘Nine one one, can you tell me the nature of your emergency?’

The gun fired. My eyes closed. Everything faded to black.

This was my teaser for Deep Down Dead. I’ve now finished reading it and one of the best things was reading those few sentences in context. And all I can say is, wow!

Lori Anderson is a single mum in Florida, struggling to find the money to pay for her daughter’s hospital bills. Her job as a bounty hunter is haphazard so when a big bond comes in she has little option but to take it. But the man she’s after is the one man who knows her past.

Other authors and reviewers have mentioned the names Janet Evanovich and Lee Childs when reviewing this book and I have to agree with them. I adore Stephanie Plum but thankfully, Lori Anderson is a bit more capable. She’s much more kick-ass and only totals one car! Lori’s bounty hunter skills are written with accuracy due to Steph Broadribb’s research. She didn’t just Google ‘bounty hunter’, she went to the USA and trained to be one. So be warned – Steph knows how to use a taser!

But accurate research isn’t enough. Broadribb has combined it with compelling characters, a fast moving plot and an authentic American voice. Without trying to give a spoiler, there’s something in the book that’s glaringly obvious to the reader. When Broadribb confirms it later, it’s done naturally and with subtly. So, add fantastic writing and you have one amazing debut. Best of all, we’re left with a bit of a cliffhanger. Book 2 is on its way!


Steph Broadribb is also known as CrimeThrillerGirl, an amazing book blogger now turned an even more amazing writer. Check out her website to find out more about her.  Deep Down Dead is available for pre-order now for paperback here but if you prefer electronic then you can buy the ebook here .

Deep Down Dead is published by Orenda Books. To find out more click here for their website and click here for a post I wrote earlier this year about Orenda authors.

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