A New Year, a new book review – The Girl Who Had No Fear

The decorations are still up but the house is finally quiet. Everyone is back at work/school which means I can start writing again! I’d like to say that I’m fully refreshed but I have a stinky cold and a cotton wool brain. I hope then that I can do justice in this book review for The Girl Who Had No Fear by Marnie Riches.


It’s no secret that George McKenzie is my new favourite heroine (the third book, The Girl Who Walked In The Shadows was in my top 12 of 2016. See here for brief review). In fact, if she was real, I’m sure someone would be suggesting that she play the first female, mixed race, Bond. Despite the title, George does show some fear in the fourth book of the series but she faces it head on. In Amsterdam, young men are being pulled out of the canals but the cause of death is a very dodgy batch of crystal meth. Paul Van den Bergen and his team investigate and he asks George to help. But George has other things on her mind. Her mother, Letitia, is still missing and there are random emails from her estranged Spanish father. The clues to Letitia’s whereabouts appear to be dead ends (quite literally), so it’s the paternal pull on George’s heart strings that lead her to search for her father. Encompassing Amsterdam, the Czech Republic and South America, George and Paul follow their entwined leads.

As per the previous books in the series, The Girl Who Had No Fear is a high octane thriller of a read. I know that Marnie Riches really pushes herself when she writes and that fast pace comes across through the story, but it’s never to the detriment of the plot or the characters. Although this could be read as a standalone there is a nod back to book one, so to me, it would make sense to read the whole series. However, they’re only available as e-books and I’m still making it my mission to see this brilliant series published – come on Avon! I’m hoping there is another George book in the pipeline as Marnie has a new series coming out in the spring, set in Manchester.

If you want to find out more about Marnie Riches and her books then click here.

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