First Monday Crime – February

L-R Sheena Kamal, David Young, Steph Broadribb and Matthew Hall


Having had a little break in January (none of us were going to turn up on a Bank Holiday Monday), First Monday Crime started the new year with a bang at The Judges Court. Two debut novelists – Steph Broadribb and Sheena Kamal, one second book author – David Young and one very experienced author – M.R. Hall, who from henceforth, will be known as Matthew Hall. Keeping order over the proceedings was Barry Forshaw.

Barry asked the authors to tell us a little something about their current books.

Steph Broadribb – Deep Down Dead. Lori Anderson is a bounty hunter in Florida. Her daughter Dakota, has leukemia and the hospital bills are racking up so Lori has no choice but to take on a high bond job. She has to bring in her former mentor and lover, J.T.

David Young – Stasi Wolf is the follow up to the very successful Stasi Child. Set in East Germany in the mid 70s, Young’s female protagonist is Karin Müller, an officer in the Peoples Police. She’s sent to a new town to investigate the disappearance of twin infants.

Sheena Kamal is Canadian and her debut novel, Eyes Like Mine, is set on the west coast of Canada – a stunning but bleak and harsh environment. Nora Watts gave her baby up for adoption but 15 years on, her daughter has gone missing. Her adoptive parents turn to Nora for help in finding her.

Matthew Hall’s A Life To Kill is his seventh book with his female protagonist Jenny Cooper, a coroner. The focus this time is on the army and the final days for the last British combat soldiers in Helmand.


So what are the authors reading themselves?

Steph – Bone Dust White by Karin Salvalaggio

Matthew – an Inspector Montalbano novel [but I’m not sure which one!]

David – The Cleaner by Elisabeth Herrmann

Sheena – Cut To The Bone by Alex Caan [she really liked it, Alex!]


From the audience, Rod Reynolds asked a question – what’s the most unusual thing that you’ve taken from previous jobs into writing?

Matthew – as a former criminal barrister, he’s taken lots of ideas from cases. In particular, when you meet a murderer and expect him or her to be a monster but find he or she to be quite ordinary – it can throw you.

Steph – nothing so much from her current day job in a university but has family in the US and had previously worked on a remote ranch in West Virginia. This helped with creating a sense of place for Deep Down Dead.

David – worked at the BBC for 27 years. ‘When writing about the Stasi, working at the BBC is an education’. [I’m not going to expand on that one!]

Sheena – has worked as an actress, a stunt double and a researcher on TV shows. She thinks the latter has helped her best as a writer, being able to find out information and find people who can help her.


First Monday Crime will be back on Monday 6th March with… I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say… maybe if I give you some clues…

A former graphic designer now the Queen of Domestic Noir

A writer who has had a book adapted for TV and in turn, has adapted a TV series into books

A debut novelist who is more than used to flashing lights and the sound of sirens

A very experienced author who has worked on, written for and produced some of the best crime dramas on TV

Any ideas? It’s going to be a corker! Keep an eye on for more details.


To find out more about the authors from the February panel and buy their books:

Steph Broadribb click here

David Young click here

Sheena Kamal click here

Matthew Hall click here

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