First Monday Crime – March

First Monday was back last night with three very established authors and a new boy in town. Erin Kelly, MJ Arlidge, Julia Crouch and debut author, Daniel Cole, answered Barry Forshaw’s questions.


First up – speed sell your book!

MJ Arlidge – Hide and Seek is the 6th book in the DI Helen Grace series. This time though, Helen finds herself in prison, framed for a murder she didn’t commit. But even in jail, she doesn’t stop being a detective. When someone is found dead in the cell next to hers, Helen Grace knows she has to find the killer before she becomes the next victim.

Erin Kelly – He Said/She Said is a standalone psychological thriller. Kit and Laura are part of the eclipse chasing community. During an eclipse they saw something terrible. They then become the star witnesses in a rape trial, except Laura makes a mistake and tells a little white lie that has devastating consequences.

Julia Crouch – Her Husband’s Lover is almost impossible to talk about because of all the twists (something I know well having just reviewed it – you can read my review here)! Told in the past and the present, we follow the story of Louisa who survived a car crash and Sophie, lover of Louisa’s now dead husband.

Daniel Cole – Ragdoll is set in London. Written originally as a screenplay, we’re introduced to Detectives William Fawkes and Emily Baxter, as they try to find the Ragdoll Killer. A body is discovered hanging like a puppet. But instead of it being one person, it’s made up from different body parts from six individuals. A difficult case is made even harder when a list of six names – potential new victims – is released to the media.


Barry Forshaw asked lots of different questions so I’m just going to give you a snapshot of some of those answers.

Best way to describe Ragdoll – like the film ‘Seven’ but funnier.

Is Domestic Noir misogynistic? No, said Julia Crouch. Instead of women being victims or relegated to being mothers or sisters or the naïve WPC, she prefers to write about women who can be bad. The Spirit of Punk – you can do whatever you want!

Is MJ Arlidge a woman? No, but often readers think so because Matt has a female protagonist. But he’s used to strong female leads as he works on Silent Witness.

Daniel Cole’s favourite author – JK Rowling.

Why did Erin Kelly write the novelisation for Broadchurch? She was out of contract and wanted to write a book without having to think up a story. And she wanted to meet David Tennant. Sadly, the latter hasn’t happened. Yet.

To the question – are there too many crime novels? – the general consensus was no. Julia Crouch highlighted bloggers who really help to publicise books through blog tours, reviews and interviews. Crime readers are very passionate.

And finally, what are our fantastic four authors reading?

Daniel – Himself by Jess Kidd

Julia – Good Me/Bad Me by Ali Land

Matt – Carrie and The Shining by Stephen King

Erin – Persons Unknown by Susie Steiner

Daniel Cole

First Monday will be back on Monday 3rd April. As yet, I haven’t heard any whispers of who might be on the panel. Whoever it is, I’m sure I’ll be gutted as I can’t make it (family birthday so I do have a good excuse). It’s the first one that I’ll have missed but there is always live tweeting during the event so check out @1stMondayCrime on Twitter if you can’t make it. Keep an eye on for details for April.

To find out more about the authors and their books (and perhaps buy or pre-order)


MJ Arlidge – click here

Erin Kelly – click here

Daniel Cole – click here

Julia Crouch – click here



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