Bones In The Nest by Helen Cadbury

Bones final

Book blurb

The Chasebridge killer is out; racial tension is rising and the mutilated body of a young Muslim man is found in the stairwell of a tower block in Doncaster. As he gets drawn into the case, Sean Denton’s family life and his police job become dangerously entwined. Meanwhile, a young woman is trying to piece her life back together, but someone is out there; someone who will never let her forget what she’s done.






My review

I love Sean Denton. Not in a romantic way, more motherly. And in some ways, that’s not surprising. He lost his mother as a child and had to grow up with an alcoholic father. So he was raised by his Nan on the Chasebridge Estate. Being a local lad can help or hinder a police constable. When a murder happens on the estate, DCI Khan decides to utilise Sean’s knowledge and places him on secondment to CID. But it’s definitely not plain sailing for Sean and he may lose the one job he’s fought so hard to get.

Having read ‘To Catch A Rabbit’ already, it was lovely to see Sean’s progression from PCSO to PC in ‘Bones In The Nest’. He still has that sense of awkwardness about him although his confidence has grown. There are quite a few twists and turns and there are some strong themes running through this book. Racial tension with a ‘Clean up Chasebridge’ campaign is a major theme. Sean Denton quickly discovers that it’s not about litter. The other alternating story is about Chloe, a young woman who has been in prison. Helen Cadbury handles her release and reintegration back into society with a perceptive touch. Sean’s dyslexia is another delicate subject that is handled well. Faced with having to write up details on the whiteboard, he brazens it out with, “At least I know how to write ‘Chasebridge’.”

I often think that Crime books would make great TV but I really would love to see PC Sean Denton on our screens. The good news is that it has been optioned by Red Planet. And as Helen Cadbury is writing a third book, there should be plenty of stories for him. Especially, as Helen left us with a tantalising ending.




To find out more about Helen and to buy her books then please click here.

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