Back to work!

So my house is finally quiet. I now have a few hours each day where ‘Mum’ isn’t being shouted every five minutes. I find it pretty much impossible to write with the constant interruptions so the six week summer holiday becomes an enforced writing break for me. But I do think a lot and an idea for book 3 has been brewing over the last few weeks. Of course, there’s still book 2 to finish editing and I may make some changes to book 1 as well. So, quite busy with my own writing.

All of this means that I’ve made a decision about how much time I can commit to book blogging, and in particular, blog tours. Unlike most bloggers who seem to have a super human ability to read several books in a week, I’m much slower! So finding time to read a blog tour book is becoming harder.

Now, having written this, I’ve got three blog tours this month – ‘Lost in the Lake’ by A.J. Waines, ‘Maria in the Moon’ by Louise Beech and ‘Race to the Kill’ by Helen Cadbury. All are reviews. From October though, I’m far more likely to have author content e.g. a Q&A with the author or an extract. If I have time to read and review then I’ll do so.


By doing this, I’ll be freed up to read the mountain of books I have at home on my book shelves and my Kindle. I’ll still review those novels. Currently, I’m massively behind on my personal reviewing. I’ll endeavour to catch up with that. I’ve got some fab books to tell you about including David Young’s Stasi series – ‘Stasi Child’ and ‘Stasi Wolf’ – plus Marnie Riches’ ‘Born Bad’. I also read ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ by Gail Honeyman over the summer and it’s a gorgeous book – very different from my normal crime read.

Books to read
Just a few of the books I need to catch up on!


So, that’s me, working to a new timetable this year. No doubt, you’ll still find me procrastinating on Twitter, but just as I’m encouraging my son to ‘step up’ now he’s in year 11, I feel I need to do the same with my own writing. Maybe one day, I’ll have some good news to tell you.

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